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    Lista Alfabetica Applicazioni / Utility

    Lista Alfabetica di Applicazioni / Utility


    1000 OpenType Fonts v4.0 [EB[/KF]
    1CLICK DVD Converter - Eng
    1Password for Windows - Ita
    1Password for Windows v4.6.1.620 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    1stFlip Flipbook Creator v2.4.168 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    2BrightSparks SyncBackPro 7.6.50 - ITA
    2BrightSparks SyncBackPro 7.6.64 - ITA
    321Soft Flash Memory Recovery v5.0.1.7 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    3D PageFlip Professional v1.7.7 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    3Planesoft 3D Screensavers 89 in 1 (07-01-2017) [EB/KF] [ENG]
    3Planesoft 3D Screensavers All in One 88 - ENG
    4K Stogram v2.2.2.1222 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    4Videosoft Android Data Recovery 1.1.10 - ENG
    4Videosoft Blu-ray Copy v6.1.26 - ENG
    4Videosoft iOS Data Recovery 8.3.6 - ENG
    4Videosoft PDF to Text Converter 3.2.8 - ENG
    7-Data Card Recovery v1.5 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    7-Data Photo Recovery Enterprise v1.5 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    7-Data Recovery Suite Enterprise v4.0 - ITA
    7-Data Recovery Suite Enterprise v4.1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    7thShare Card Data Recovery v1.3.9.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]

    A Top
    ABBYY Business Card Reader v2.0 Build [EB/LS] [ITA]
    ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition v12.0.101.496 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    ABBYY FineReader Professional v12.0.101.496 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus v12.0.104.225 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    ABBYY Screenshot Reader v11.0.113.201 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy Pro 2017.183 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy v2016.173 - ENG
    Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy v2017 v184 - ENG
    Abelssoft Backup 2017 Pro v7.0 - ENG
    Abelssoft CheckDrive 2017 v1.13 - ITA
    Abelssoft CheckDrive v2016 1.08 - ITA
    Abelssoft MyKeyFinder Plus 2017 6.0 Retail - ENG
    Abelssoft MyKeyFinder Plus 2017 v6.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Abelssoft PC Fresh 2017 v3.2 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Abelssoft Send2Phone 2017 v1.5 - ENG
    Abelssoft ToolbarTerminator 2017 v4.1 - ENG
    Abelssoft Undeleter v4.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Abelssoft WashAndGo v17.21 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Abelssoft WashAndGo v21.00 - ITA
    Able2Extract Converter - ENG
    Able2Extract PDF Converter - ENG
    Able2Extract Professional - ENG
    Able2Extract Professional v10.0.6.0 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    abylon KEYSAFE - ENG
    Accent RAR Password Recovery Ultimate 3.0 build 2953 x32x64 - ENG
    ACDsee v18.2.250 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    Ace Utilities x86x64 - ENG
    Ace Utilities v6.3.0 Build 292 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Acelogix System TuneUp - ENG
    Acme CAD Converter 2017 v8.8.6.1460 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Acronis All-In-One Boot Disk WinPE x64 - ENG
    Acronis All-In-One BootCD Collection - ITA
    Acronis All-In-One BootCD Collection 2017 - ITA
    Acronis Disk Director 12.0 Build 3223 [ITA] [MultiHost]
    Acronis Disk Director v12.0 Build 3270 + Boot CD [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Acronis Migrate Easy 7 v7.0.619 - ENG
    Acronis True Image 2014 Premium e Disk Director 12 BootCD - ITA
    Acronis True Image 2016 e Disk Director 12 BootCD - ITA
    Acronis True Image 2016 v19.0 Build 6581 + Boot CD + Media Addons [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Acronis True Image 2016 v19.0.6569 + BootCD + Media add-ons - ITA
    Acronis True Image 2017 20.0 Build 8029 Bootable ISO - ENG
    Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation v21.0.0.6116 Preattivato - ITA
    Acronis True Image 2017 NG v21.0.0.6116 + Boot ISO [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Acronis True Image 2017 v20.0 Build 5554 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Acronis True Image 2017 v20.0 Build 8029 + Boot ISO [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Acronis True Image Premium 2014 Build 6614 + Premium Boot CD [DS/EB] [ITA]
    Acronis True Image WD Edition 19.0 build 33 - ITA
    Acronis Universal Restore 2017 & Boot ISO [EB/RF] [ITA]
    Active Boot Disk Suite 10.5.0 - ENG
    Active Boot Disk Suite v10.0.2 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    Active Boot Disk Suite v10.0.3 LiveCD WinPE 5.1 - ENG
    Active Data Studio 10.0.3 LiveCD WinPE 5.1 - ENG
    Active Data Studio - Eng
    Active Data Studio 10.1.0 - ENG
    Active Data Studio v10.5.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Active Disk Image Professional Corporate 7.0.2 BootCD WinPE5.1 x64 - ENG
    Active Disk Image Professional Corporate 7.0.4 x64 - ENG
    Active Disk Image Professional v7.0.2 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Active File Recovery Professional 15.0.6 - ENG
    Active File Recovery Ultimate v15.0.7.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Active KillDisk Professional - ENG
    Active KillDisk Professional Suite - ENG
    Active KillDisk Professional Suite v10.0.6.0 [EB/TS] [ENG]
    Active KillDisk Professional v10.1.1.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Active LiveCD Professional 3.0 - ENG
    Active NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit v8.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Active Partition Recovery Professional 15.0 - ENG
    Active Partition Recovery Ultimate v15.0.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Active Password Changer Professional LiveCD - ENG
    Active Password Changer Professional v7.0.9.1 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Active Undelete Ultimate Corporate - ENG
    Active Undelete 11.0.11 Professional Corporate - ENG
    Active Undelete 11.0.11 Ultimate Corporate - Eng
    Active Undelete Ultimate Corporate v10.1.19.1 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Active Unformat Professional v4.0.7.2 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Active@ Boot Disk - Eng
    Active@ LiveCD Professional 4.0 - Eng
    Actual Multiple Monitors 8.10 - ITA
    Actual Multiple Monitors v8.10.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Actual Title Buttons v8.10.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Actual Transparent Window v8.10.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Actual Virtual Desktops 8.10.1 - ITA
    Actual Virtual Desktops 8.10.2 - ITA
    Actual Window Manager 8.10 - ITA
    Actual Window Manager v8.10.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Adept PDF to Excel Converter v3.60 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Adept PDF to Word Converter v3.60 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.020.20042 - Ita
    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.023.20056 Preattivato - Ita
    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.023.20070 64 Bit Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.023.20070 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2015.023.20070 - ITA
    Adobe Acrobat XI Pro 11.0.18 - ITA
    Adobe Acrobat XI Pro v11.0.19 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Adobe Bridge CC 2017 v7.0.0.93 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Adobe Bridge CC v6.3.0.177 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Adobe Captivate 9.0.2 - ENG
    Adobe Captivate - ENG
    Adobe Captivate v9.0.2.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.4 - ITA
    Adobe DNG Converter 9.9 - ITA
    Adobe FrameMaker 2017 v14.0.0.361 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Adobe Products CC 2014 Patch
    Adobe Reader XI v11.0.19 - ITA
    Adobe RoboHelp 2017 v13.0.0.257 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2017 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Adobe Update Management Tool v8.0 [EB/TS] [ENG]
    ADVANCED Codecs for Windows 7/8.1/10 v7.3.1 - ENG
    Advanced Design System (ADS) 2015.01 - ENG
    Advanced Encryption Package 2017 Professional v6.06 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Advanced ID Creator Enterprise v10.5.277 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Advanced Installer v10.8 Build 54215 - ENG
    Advanced Password Manager v1.0.0.20885 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Advanced System Optimizer v3.9.3636.16880 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Advanced SystemCare Pro - ITA
    Advanced SystemCare Pro v10.0.3.666 - Ita
    Advanced SystemCare Pro v10.2.0.729 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Advanced SystemCare Ultimate v10.0.1.82 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Advanced Task Scheduler Professional v4.0.0.610 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Advanced Uninstaller Pro v12.17.0.86 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Advanced URL Catalog 2.36 - ITA
    Aero Glass v1.4.6 & v1.5.1 for Windows 8 & Windows 10 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Agisoft PhotoScan Professional 1.2.6 Build 2834 - ENG
    AI RoboForm Enterprise - Ita
    AI RoboForm Enterprise - ITA
    AI RoboForm Enterprise v7.9.27.7 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    AIDA64 All Editions v5.80.4000 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    AIDA64 Extreme & Engineer Edition v5.80.4000 - Ita
    AIDA64 Extreme & Engineer Edition v5.90.4200 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ailt All Document to PDF Converter 6.8 - ENG
    Ailt PDF to All Document Converter 6.8 - ENG
    Air Explorer Pro 1.13.0 - ITA
    Air Explorer Pro v1.14.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    AirParrot v2.7.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Aiseesoft BD Software Toolkit - ENG
    Aiseesoft FoneCopy 1.2.32 - ENG
    Aiseesoft FoneLab 8.5.18 - ENG
    Aiseesoft FoneLab 8.5.6 - ENG
    Aiseesoft FoneLab for Android - ENG
    Aiseesoft FoneTrans 8.3.32 - ENG
    Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate 3.3.8 - ENG
    Aiseesoft PDF to ePub Converter 3.3.16 - ENG
    Aiseesoft PDF to Excel Converter 3.3.18 - ENG
    Aiseesoft PDF to Word Converter 3.3.18 - ENG
    Akick Document Converter 1.9 - ENG
    Alarm Clock Pro v9.6.1 [EB/TS] [ENG]
    Alfa eBooks Manager Premium v6.4.4.1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    All in One Runtimes 2.3.9 - ENG
    All in One Runtimes 2.4.0 - ENG
    AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe 3.16 Build 831 - ITA
    AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe v2.85 Build 594 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Allway Sync Pro v10.5.8 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Allway Sync v16.0.1 - ITA
    Altera Quartus II version 15.0
    Amazing Dr. Recovery - ENG
    AMIDuOS 2 Lollipop Pro x86x64 - ITA
    AMIDuOS 2 Lollipop Pro v2.0.8.8511 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    Amolto Call Recorder Premium for Skype v3.3.3.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    AMS Software Business Card Maker v9.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer Business Edition v3.2.62 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer Business Edition v3.2.64 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Android Screencast 1.0 Premium - ENG
    Android-Sync 1.160 - ENG
    Andy Android Emulator 46.16.68 - ITA
    Ant Download Manager Pro 1.3.1 Build 36774 - ITA
    Ant Download Manager Pro v1.4.0 Build 38161 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Antamedia Internet Cafe Software v8.0.2 [EB/SF] [ENG]
    Anthemion Jutoh v2.59.3 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Anti DDoS Guardian v3.4.0.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    AnVir Task Manager Pro v8.1.2.0 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Anvsoft SynciOS Data Transfer 1.5.2 - ITA
    Anvsoft SynciOS Data Transfer v1.5.3 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Anvsoft SynciOS Professional v6.1.1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro 8.2.66 - ENG
    AnyMP4 PDF Converter Ultimate 3.3.16 - ENG
    AnyMP4 PDF Converter Ultimate 3.3.18 - ENG
    AnyToISO Professional v3.7.4 Build 553 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    AnyToISO Professional v3.7.4 Build 554 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    AOMEI Backupper All Editions v3.5 + Boot CD [EB/DF] [ENG]
    AOMEI Backupper All Editions v4.0.3 + Boot CD [EB/KF] [ENG]
    AOMEI Backupper Professional/Technician/TechnicianPlus/Server 3.2 - ENG
    AOMEI Backupper Technician 3.2 WinPE 5 Bootable ISO - ENG
    AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Pro & Server & Technician Editions v1.2 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Unlimited Edition 1.2.0 - ENG
    AOMEI OneKey Recovery - ENG
    AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional Edition 1.6 - ENG
    AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional Edition 1.6 Preattivato - ENG
    AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.0 Server Edition con BootCD WinPE - ITA
    AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.1.0 Unlimited Edition Preattivato - ITA
    AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition 6.2 - ENG
    AOMEI Partition Assistant v6.1 All Editions + BootCD WinPE [EB/KF] [ITA]
    APBackUp v3.9.6022 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    APKF Adobe Product Key Finder v2.4.5.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    ApowerMirror - ITA
    Apowersoft Android Recorder 1.1.2 - ITA
    Apowersoft ApowerMirror 1.1.3 - ITA
    Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder 1.1.5 - ITA
    Apowersoft Phone Manager PRO 2.8.2 - ITA
    Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro 1.2.6 - ITA
    Apowersoft Screen Recording Suite 3.3.3 - ITA
    Apowersoft Video Download Capture 4.9.9 Multi - ITA
    AppFalcon 2.4.0 - ENG
    Araxis Merge 2016 Professional Edition 2016.4842 - ENG
    Araxis Merge 2017 Professional 2017.4842 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Araxis Merge v2016.4761 x86/x64 - ENG
    Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator v1.2.53 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Articulate Storyline 2.8.1605.515 - ENG
    Articulate Studio '13 Pro - Eng
    Articulate Studio 13 Pro - ENG
    Articulate Studio 13 Pro v4.5.0.0 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    ArtPlus Digital Photo Recovery - Eng
    aSc TimeTables 2017 v2017.6.10 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Backup 2016 & Pro & Business v10.01 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Backup Business 10.00 32 Bit - ITA
    Ashampoo Backup Pro 10.0 32 Bit - ITA
    Ashampoo Backup Pro v11.05 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Core Tuner v2.01 DC 12.11.2013 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Ashampoo Cover Studio 2.2.0
    Ashampoo Cover Studio 2017 v3.0 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Driver Updater - ENG
    Ashampoo Driver Updater v1.1.0.22990 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Gadge It - ITA
    Ashampoo GetBack Photo 1.0.1 - ITA
    Ashampoo HDD Control 2017 v3.20.00 - ITA
    Ashampoo HDD Control 3.20.00 + Corporate - ITA
    Ashampoo HDD Control v3.00.80 Corporate Edition [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Ashampoo HDD Control v3.00.90 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Internet Accelerator v3.30 [DS/EB] [ITA]
    Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder v1.0.17 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Office 2016.741 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Photo Mailer v1.0.8.2 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Photo Optimizer v6.0.20 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Photo Recovery v1.0.4 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Privacy Protector 2015 v1.1.3.107 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Registry Cleaner 1.0 - ITA
    Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD v4.0.6 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Snap 2017 v1.0.1 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Snap 9.0.1 - Ita
    Ashampoo Snap Business 9.0.3 - ITA
    Ashampoo Snap Business v10.0.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Snap Business v8.0.3 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Snap Business v9.0.1 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Snap v10.0.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Snap v9.0.5 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Software Pack 2015 - Multi ITA
    Ashampoo Undeleter 1.10 - ITA
    Ashampoo Undeleter v1.11 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo Uninstaller 2017 v6.00.14 [EB/RK] [ITA]
    Ashampoo UnInstaller 6 v6.00.10 [EB/TS/CS] [ITA]
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer 12.00.41 - ITA
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2014 v1.0 [DS/EB] [ITA]
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2016 12.00.40 - ITA
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2016 v12.00.39 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2017 v14.00.04 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer v12.00.40 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer v12.00.45 - ITA
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer v14.00.05 - Ita
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer v14.00.05 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ashampoo ZIP Pro v2.00.38 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Asunsoft Password Recovery Bundle Personal 4.0 - ENG
    Atomic Alarm Clock v6.264 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    Atomic Email Verifier v9.20.0.90 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Atomic Time Synchronizer v9.1.2 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Audi Navigation MMI 2G Europe 2015 Multi - ITA
    Audio Amplifier Pro v2.1.9 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Audio Transcoder v2.9.0.1331 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Auslogics BitReplica v2.1.1.0 - ENG
    Auslogics BoostSpeed 9.0 - ENG
    Auslogics BoostSpeed v9.1.2.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro - ENG
    Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional v4.8.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Auslogics Driver Updater - ITA
    Auslogics Driver Updater v1.9.4 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Auslogics Duplicate File Finder v6.1.0.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Auslogics File Recovery v7.1.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Auslogics Registry Cleaner - ITA
    Autodata 3.40 32/64bit [ENG]
    Autodesk Eagle Premium v8.0.1 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ENG]
    AutoDWG DWG DXF Converter 2016 3.65 - ENG
    AutoDWG DWG to PDF Converter 2016 v4.9.1.0 - ITA
    AutoDWG DWGSee Pro 2017 v4.4.38 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter 2017 v3.7.0.2 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Avanquest Expert PDF Professional v9.0.540.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Avanquest Expert PDF Ultimate v9.0.540.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Avanquest PC Speed Maximizer v4.1 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    AVG Driver Updater v2.3 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    AVG PC TuneUp 2016 v16.62.2.46691 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Avira Phantom VPN Pro - ENG
    Avira Phantom VPN Pro v2.6.1.20906 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Avira System Speedup Pro - ITA
    Avira System Speedup Pro Beta - ITA
    Avira System Speedup Pro v3.1.1.4250 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    AVS Document Converter - ITA
    AVS Document Converter v3.1.1.244 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    AVS Document Converter v3.1.1.245 - Ita
    AVS Document Editor v4.2.3.302 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    AVS Image Converter v4.1.2.287 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    AVS Registry Cleaner - ITA
    AVS Registry Cleaner v3.0.5.275 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Award Keylogger Pro v3.6 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Axure RP Team Edition v8.0.0.3323 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Azuon v6.9.6102 [EB/KF] [ITA]

    B Top
    Babylon Corporate Edition v10.5.0.12 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Babylon Pro & Corporate Edition v10.5.0.18 + Voices Pack + Dictionaries + Glossaries + Resources Collection [EB/KF] [ITA]
    BackUp Maker Professional Edition 7.200 Retail - ITA
    BackUp Maker Professional Edition v7.203 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Backuptrans iPhone Message Recovery Business Edition v3.1.24 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Baidu PC Faster Professional - Eng
    BandiZip 6.01 Build 21531 - ITA
    Banner Maker Pro v9.0.3 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    BarTender Enterprise Automation 2016 - ITA
    BarTender Enterprise Automation 2016 v11.0.2.3056 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Batch PDF Pro v2.5.0 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ENG]
    BatchPhoto Enterprise v4.0 [EB/LO] [ITA]
    beaTunes v4.6.4 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    BestCrypt Container Encryption v9.03.1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Better File Rename 5.54 - ENG
    Better File Rename v5.57 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Beyond Sync Pro v4.4.33.747 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    BibleWorks v10.0.4.216 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Bigasoft Converter Software Pack 08-08-2014 - MULTI
    BinaryNow PDF Impress v10.91.16.252 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Bitsum Technologies Process Lasso Pro - ITA
    BitTorrent Pro v7.9.9 Build 43389 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Bluebeam Revu CAD 2015.6 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2016 v16.5.1 - ITA
    Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2016 v16.5.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    BlueStacks - MULTI ITA
    BlueStacks HD App Player Pro v0.10.7.5601 (Supersuser_BSEasy) [EB/TS] [ITA]
    BlueStacks Root v2.6.106.7903 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Blumentals Easy CSS Menu 4.2 - ENG
    Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Pro - Eng
    Blumentals HTMLPad 2015 Multi - ENG
    Blumentals Rapid PHP 2015 Multi - ENG
    BMW ETK 06.2016 v3.1.30 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Bmw etk 12.2016 - multi ita
    BMW ETK v 3.1.40 (03.2017) - MULTI ITA
    BMW ETK v3.130.007 (10.2016) - MULTI ITA
    BMW PSdZData 3.55.1 lite [02/2015]
    BookDrive Editor Pro v7.1.1.0 [EB/TS/CS] [ENG]
    Breeze Systems PSRemote v3.2.2 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Broadgun pdfMachine Ultimate 14.97 - ENG
    Broadgun pdfMachine Ultimate 14.98 - ENG
    BrowseEmAll All Editions v8.3.3 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Bullzip PDF Printer Expert v11.1.0.2600 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Burp Suite Professional 1.7.13 - ENG
    Burp Suite Professional v1.7.12 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    BWMeter 7.2.2 - ENG

    C Top
    CalcTape Pro v5.2.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Calibre 2.82 - ITA
    CCleaner All Editions v5.24.5841 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    CCleaner All Editions v5.27.5976 - ITA
    CCleaner All Editions v5.28.6005 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    CCleaner Business & Professional & Technician Edition 5.20.5668 Final - Ita
    CCleaner Business Edition 5.24.5839 - ITA
    CCleaner Professioanal 5.24.5839 - ITA
    CCleaner Professional / Business / Technician 5.24.5839 Retail ITA
    CCleaner Professional Plus 5.17.5590 - ITA
    CCleaner Professional Plus v5.24.5841 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    CCleaner Slim All Editions v5.24.5841 - ITA
    CCleaner Slim All Editions v5.28.6005 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    CCleaner Technician Edition 5.24.5839 - ITA
    CCProxy v8.0 Build 20170320 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    CD-Adapco Star CCM+ 10.02.012-R8 (double precision) Windows/Linux x64
    CDisplayEx v1.10.33 x32x64 - ITA
    CDRoller 10.1.0 Multi - ITA
    cFosSpeed 10.20 build 2282 Final - ITA
    cFosSpeed v10.22 Build 2290 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Change MAC Address v2.8.0 Build [EB/TS] [ENG]
    Charles v4.0.1 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    ChemOffice Professional v16.0.0.82 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Cimaware OfficeFIX Professional v6.118 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Classic Menu for Office v9.25 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Classic Shell 4.3 - ENG
    Clean Space 2017.00 - ITA
    Clean Space 7.05 - ITA
    CleanMyPC 1.7.2 - ITA
    CleanMyPC v1.8.4.779 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    CleverFiles Disk Drill Pro - ENG
    Cloanto Amiga Forever 2016.0.27.0 Plus Edition [EB/CS] [ENG]
    CloneCD - ITA
    CloneDVD2 - ITA
    CloneZilla Live v2.5.0-25 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    CloneZilla LiveCD 2.5.0-30 testing (x86/x64) - MULTI ITA
    Cloud System Booster v3.1.4 Pro [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Code Industry Master PDF Editor 4.0.08 - ITA
    Code Industry Master PDF Editor 4.0.10 Preattivato - ITA
    CoffeeCup HTML Editor v15.1 Build 782 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    CoffeeCup Web Form Builder v2.5 Build 5437 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    CogniView PDF2XL Enterprise v6.0.2.313 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Cogniview PDF2XL Enterprise with OCR - Ita Book Collector Pro v16.4.4 - ITA Book Collector Pro v17.0.3 [EB/KF] [ITA] Comic Collector Pro 16.3.8 - ITA Comic Collector Pro v17.0.4 [EB/KF] [ITA] Game Collector Pro v17.0.3 [EB/KF] [ENG] Movie Collector Pro 16.4.2 - ITA Movie Collector Pro v17.0.3 [EB/KF] [ITA] Music Collector Pro v17.0.3 [EB/KF] [ITA] Software Pack Pro Edition v16.3.8 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Comfy File Recovery 3.6 Home / Office / Commercial - ITA
    Comfy File Recovery 3.9 - ITA
    Comfy Partition Recovery 2.3 Home / Office / Commercial - ITA
    Comfy Partition Recovery 2.6 - ITA
    Comfy Photo Recovery 4.2 Commercial Edition Multi - ITA
    Comfy Photo Recovery 4.5 - ITA
    ComicRack for Windows 0.9.178 - ITA
    Comodo IceDragon - ENG
    CompanionLink Professional Build 7012 - ITA
    CompanionLink Professional v7.0.24.48 Build 7024 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    Compare Suite Pro - ENG
    Comsol Multiphysics 5.1 with Update1
    Conceiva Mezzmo Pro - ITA
    Condusiv Diskeeper 2016 Professional v19.0.1214.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Condusiv SSDkeeper 1.0 Pro / Server - ENG
    Condusiv Undelete 10 All Editions 7.0.205 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Condusiv Undelete 10 Server Edition Build - ENG
    Connectify Hotspot Pro & Dispatch v8.0.0.30686 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    ControlMyNikon Pro v5.3.0.93 [EB/RF] [MULTI-ITA]
    Coolmuster Android Assistant 4.0.33 - ENG
    Coolmuster Android SMS + Contacts Recovery 2.2.115 - ENG
    Coolmuster Android SMS + Contacts Recovery 3.0.34 - ENG
    Coolmuster Data Recovery 2.1.12 - ENG
    Coolmuster ePub Converter 2.1.20 - ITA
    Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android - ENG
    Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android 3.1.66 - ENG
    Coolmuster PDF Creator Pro 2.1.19 - ITA
    Coolmuster PDF Image Extractor 2.1.2 - ITA
    CoolUtils PDF Combine - ITA
    CoolUtils PDF Combine Pro 4.1.68 - ITA
    Coolutils Print Maestro 1.0.44449 - ITA
    CoolUtils Total Doc Converter - ITA
    CoolUtils Total HTML Converter 5.1.123 - ITA
    CoolUtils Total Image Converter - ITA
    Coolutils Total PDF Converter 6.1.123 - ITA
    Core FTP Pro 2.2 Build 1885 - ENG
    Core FTP Pro 2.2 Build 1889 Beta - ENG
    Core FTP Pro v2.2 Build 1888 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Corel iGrafx Origins Pro - ITA
    Corel iGrafx Origins Pro v16.6.3.1252 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Corel WordPerfect Office X7 Standard & Professional - ENG
    Corel WordPerfect Office X8 v18.0.0.200 [ENG] [MH]
    CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 v17.7.0.1051 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    CPUID HWMonitor Pro v1.21 [UP] [ENG]
    CrossFTP Enterprise v1.97.8 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Crystal Office WinLock Professional 6.41 Multi - ITA
    CSoftlabs C-Organizer Professional 6.0 - ITA
    CubeDesktop NXT 2013 v2.14.0220 build 418 - ENG
    CyberGhost VPN Full v6.0.6.2540 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    CyberGhost VPN Full v6.0.6.2540 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate 2.2.27 - ENG

    D Top
    DAEMON iTools v1.0.0.36 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    DAEMON Tools Pro - ITA
    DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced [ITA] [MultiHost]
    DAEMON Tools Ultra [ITA] [MultiHost]
    DAEMON Tools Ultra - ITA
    DAEMON Tools USB Multi - ITA
    DAEMON Tools USB v2.0.0.0067 [DS/EB] [ITA]
    DameWare Mini Remote Control - ENG
    DameWare Remote Support - ENG
    DameWare Remote Support Central Server v12.0.4.5007 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Danea Domustudio 2017 v19e Build 6003 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Danea Domustudio 5.3d.20404 - ITA
    Danea Easyfatt Enterprise 2017 v35b Build 6010 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DATAKIT CrossManager 2017.1 - ITA
    Dataland CD Label Designer v7.0 Build 737 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Dataram RAMDisk Commercial v4.4.0.34 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Deep Freeze Enterprise - ENG
    Deep Freeze Server Enterprise - ENG
    Defraggler v2.21.993 All Editions [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Delete Duplicate Files v6.1.0.1 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    DeskSoft EarthTime 5.5.34 - ENG
    Desksoft EarthView 5.5.37 + Maps - ENG
    Desksoft EarthView v5.5.39 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    DesktopPaints Animated Screensaver Maker v4.3.5 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    DesktopPaints Animated Wallpaper Maker v4.3.3 - ENG
    DesktopPaints Animated Wallpaper Maker v4.3.5 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Devolution Password Vault Manager Enterprise 7.6.2 - ITA
    Devolutions Password Vault Manager Enterprise v8.1.0.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise - ITA
    Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise - Ita
    Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise v12.0.10.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DiffPDF 5.6.6 - ENG
    DigiDNA iMazing 2.1.8 - Ita
    DigiDNA iMazing v2.2.3.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Digital Media Doctor 2016 Professional - ITA
    Digital Media Doctor 2016 Professional v3.1.4.3 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    DimmDrive v2.2.0 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Directory List & Print Pro v3.22 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Directory List & Print Pro v3.29 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Directory Lister Pro 2.12 - Ita
    Directory Lister Pro 2.12 Enterprise Edition - Ita
    Directory Lister Pro Enterprise Edition v2.16.0.265 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Directory Monitor Pro v2.10.8.9 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Directory Opus Pro 11.19 Build 6005 - ITA
    Directory Opus Pro v12.3 Build 6184 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Disk Doctors Undelete v1.0.0.9 [EB/TS] [ENG]
    Disk Drill Professional - ENG
    Disk Drill Professional v2.0.0.285 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Disk Pulse Ultimate 9.1.16 - ENG
    Disk Pulse Ultimate v9.5.16 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    DiskBoss Ultimate v7.8.16 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Diskeeper 2012 v16.0.1010.0 x64x86 - ENG
    Diskeeper Professional 2015 18.0.1104.0 - Eng
    DiskImage Professional v10.0 Build 71 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    DiskTrix UltimateDefrag v5.0.16.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    DisplayFusion Pro 7.3.4 - ITA
    DisplayFusion Pro v8.1.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DivingLog v6.0.8 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DLL Care - ITA
    DLL Care v9.0.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DLL Suite - ITA
    DLL Suite v9.0.0.14 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DLL Suite v9.0.0.2380 - ITA
    Dll-Files Fixer DC 27.02.2015 Multi - ITA
    DLL-Files Fixer v3.3.91.3080 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DNS Jumper v2.0
    Do Your Data Recovery 5.5.0 All Editions - ENG
    Do Your Data Recovery for iPhone v4.5 build 20161222 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Do Your Data Recovery v5.0.0 All Editions [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Download Accelerator Plus Premium v10.0.6.0 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Download Ninja Build 33 - ITA
    DoYourData Super Eraser Business & AdvancedPE v4.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    DoYourData Uninstaller Pro v3.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Dr. Folder v2.3.0.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Dr.Explain Ultima 5.4.1033 - ITA
    Dr.Explain Ultima v5.4.1034 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Dream Aquarium Screensaver v1.29 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    DreamCalc Professional Edition v5.0.4 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Drive Cloner Rx 6.0 Build 270089926 con BootCD - ITA
    Drive Cloner Rx v6.0 Build 2700575557 Bootable ISO - ITA
    Drive Cloner Rx v6.0 Build 2700575557 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    Drive SnapShot 1.44.17565 + Boot CD - ENG
    Drive SnapShot v1.45.0.17578 + Boot CD [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus 10.5 Build 2701205518 - ENG
    Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus v10.5 Build 2701484045 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Driver Easy Professional v5.1.6.18378 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Driver Easy Professional v5.5.0.5335 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Driver Genius Professional 14.0.345 - ITA
    Driver Genius Professional - ENG
    Driver Genius Professional Edition v12.0.0.1332 - ITA
    Driver Genius Professional v16.0.0.241 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Driver Magician v4.9 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Driver Navigator - ITA
    Driver Navigator v3.6.9.41369 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Driver Reviver (x86) Multi - ITA
    Driver Talent Pro - ENG
    Driver Talent Pro v6.4.47.146 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Driver Updater 1.0.019329 - ENG
    DRIVERfighter Pro v1.1.172 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    DriverFinder v3.6.2.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    DriverHive 3.0.7 - ENG
    DriverMax Pro v9.16.0.71 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    DriverPack Solution LAN & WiFi Edition v16.11 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DriverPack Solution LAN & WiFi Edition v17.7.33.2 [EB/KF] [MULTI-ITA]
    DriverPack Solution v16.12 Full Edition - ITA
    DriverPack Solution v16.17.1 Full Edition - ITA
    DriverPack Solution v16.17.3 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DriverPack Solution v17.7.33.3 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DriverPack Solution v17.7.4 Updated 22-09.2016 - ITA
    DU Meter 7.11 Build 4757 - ITA
    DU Meter v7.20 Build 4761 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Dup Scout Ultimate 9.5.14 - ENG
    Duplicate Cleaner Pro v4.0.4 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Duplicate File Detective Enterprise Edition v6.0.76 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Duplicate File Detective Professional & Enterprise Edition v6.0.84 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Duplicate Files Fixer v1.1.1000.4116 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro v1.1.1000.4286 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    DVDFab Final - Ita
    DVDFab Passkey - ITA
    DVDFab Passkey v9.1.0.8 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    DVDInfoPro Elite 7.607 - ENG
    DVDStyler 3.0.2 - ITA
    DVDStyler v3.0.3 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Dynamikode USB Security Suite 1.4.2 - ENG

    E Top
    EagleGet - ITA
    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard AdvancedPE 10.0.0 - ITA
    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional & Bootable Media v10.5.0 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional & Technician & AdvancedPE 9.9.0 - ITA
    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional & Technician v11.0.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician v10.8.0 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    EaseUS EverySync 3.0 - ENG
    EaseUS MobiSaver for Android v5.0 Build 20160510 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    EaseUS MobiSaver for iPhone v6.5 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    EaseUS MobiSaver PRO for iPhone 7.0 - ITA
    EaseUS Partition Master 10.8 Server/Professional/Technican/Unlimited Edition - ENG
    EASEUS Partition Master 10.8 Technician Edition WinPE - ENG
    EaseUS Partition Master 11.9 All Editions - ITA
    EaseUS Partition Master 11.9 WinPE Edition - ENG
    EASEUS Partition Master All Editions v11.10 + BootCD [EB/KF] [ITA]
    EASEUS Partition Master Technician Editions v11.8 + WinPE [EB/RF] [ITA]
    EASEUS Partition Master Technician Editions v11.9 + WinPE - ITA
    EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server + WinPE - ITA
    EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server v9.2.0.1 + WinPE [EB/RF] [ITA]
    EaseUS Todo Backup All Editions v10.0.0.1 Build 20161202 + WinPE [EB/KF] [ITA-ENG]
    EaseUS Todo Backup Home con WinPE BootCD - ITA
    EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation WinPE Edition - ENG
    EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro v9.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    EaseUS Todo PCTrans Technician v9.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Eassos PartitionGuru Professional Editionl - ENG
    Eassos PartitionGuru Professional Edition v4.9.2.371 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Eassos Recovery - ENG
    Eassos Recovery v4.0.1.258 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Eassos System Restore - ENG
    east-tec Eraser 2015 v12.9.5.8725 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Easy Duplicate Finder v4.4.0.221 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Easy MP3 Downloader
    Easybits Magic Desktop - ITA
    EasyUEFI Enterprise v2.8 Release 2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    EasyUEFI Professional v2.8. Release 1 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    eBook Converter Bundle 3.17.1029.396 - Eng
    eBook Converter Bundle v3.17.1102.398 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ENG]
    eBook Converter Bundle v3.17.219.403 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    eBook DRM Removal Bundle - ENG
    eBook DRM Removal Bundle v4.16.1102.383 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ENG]
    eBook DRM Removal Bundle v4.17.126.384 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    eBoostr Pro Version v4.5.0.575 - ITA
    eDocPrinter PDF Pro v6.97 Build 6397 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    EduIQ Classroom Spy Professional v4.3.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    EduIQ Network LookOut Administrator Pro v4.2.2 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Efficient Address Book 5.22.528 - ITA
    Efficient Calendar 3.81.383 Multi - ITA
    Efficient Calendar 5.22 Build 528 - ITA
    Efficient Calendar v3.81.378 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Efficient Password Manager Pro 5.22 Build 526 - ITA
    Efficient Reminder v5.20 build 516 - ITA
    Efficient Sticky Notes Pro 5.22 Build 525 - ITA
    Efficient Sticky Notes Pro v5.22 Build 523 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    Efficient To-Do List 5.10 Build 511 - ITA
    EfficientPIM Pro 5.22 Build 526 - ITA
    EfficientPIM Pro v5.22 Build 528 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    El Capitan Transformation Pack v3.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    El Capitan Transformation Pack v3.1 - Eng
    Elcomsoft Advanced Archive Password Recovery All Editions v4.54.55 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Elcomsoft Advanced PDF Password Recovery Pro v5.0.6 [EB/SF] [ENG]
    Elcomsoft Password Recovery Bundle Forensic Edition 2015.01 - ENG
    Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker Forensic v6.11 Build 15101 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    ELSA 5.2 Audi - 05.2015 - MULTI ITA
    Eltima Serial to Ethernet Connector v7.1.876 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Eltima Software Serial Port Monitor Professional v6.0.235 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Eltima Software USB Analyzer v3.0.210 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Eltima Software USB Network Gate v7.0.1370 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    eM Client v7.0.27943 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Embarcadero RAD Studio v10.2 Tokyo Architect 25.0.26309.314 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Embarcadero RAD Studio XE8.1 Architect v22.0.19908.869 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    EMDB Eric's Movie Database 2.71 - ITA
    EMDB Eric's Movie Database 2.72 - ITA
    EMDB v2.56 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 16.5.0 - ITA
    Encyclopaedia Britannica 2015 Ultimate Edition [EB/LS] [ENG]
    Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.8.1 - ENG
    Enfocus PitStop Pro v13.2 Build 689992 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Enpass Password Manager 5.5.2 - ITA
    Eplan P8 Fluid Hose Configuration 2.4 Multi - ENG
    ePub Converter - ENG
    ePub Converter v3.17.1120.375 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    ePub Converter v3.17.703.375 - Eng
    Epubor All DRM Removal - ITA
    Epubor All DRM Removal v1.0.14.10 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Epubor All DRM Removal v1.0.15.320 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Epubor Kindle Transfer v1.0.0.9 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Epubor PDF Merger & PDF Splitter v2.0.1 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Epubor Ultimate Converter - ITA
    Epubor Ultimate Converter v3.0.9.320 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    EssentialPIM Pro 7.13 - ITA
    EssentialPIM Pro Business v7.23 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    EssentialPIM Pro Network 7.13 - ITA
    EssentialPIM Pro v7.23 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    EveryLang Pro 2.4.0 - ENG
    EVGA Precision XOC 6.1.2 - ENG
    ExamDiff Pro x86x64 - ENG
    EximiousSoft Logo Designer v3.83 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    ExpanDrive v5.4.5 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Exportizer Pro v6.0.8.19 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Extensis Suitcase Fusion 7 v18.2.0.74 - ITA
    Extensis Suitcase Fusion 7 v18.2.3.101 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Extreme Games Manager v1.0.4.3 x32 - ITA
    eXtreme Movie Manager v8.3.0.0 [DS/EB] [ITA]
    Extreme Picture Finder v3.34.0.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]

    F Top
    F-Secure KEY 3.3.101 Free - ITA
    Face2Face Collezione Completa Corso Inglese (1st/2nd Edition) - ENG
    Facebook Messenger for Desktop v1.4.3 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    FairStars Audio Converter Pro v1.81 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Family Tree Maker 2014 (x86) / (x64) [ENG] [MultiHost]
    Family Tree Maker 2014 Platinum Edition [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Family Tree Maker 2014 v22.0.0.404 / 1404 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise - ENG
    Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise - Eng
    Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise v8.38.220.5256 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Faronics Deep Freeze Server Enterprise - ENG
    Faronics Deep Freeze Standard - ENG
    Faronics Deep Freeze Standard - ENG
    FarStone DriveClone Server 11.10 Build 20150827 - ENG
    FarStone DriveClone Server v11.0.20140926 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    FarStone DriveClone Workstation 11.10 Build 20150825 - ENG
    FarStone DriveClone Workstation v11.01 Build 20150611 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    FarStone One Pro 1.10.1 Build 20151014 x64 - ENG
    FarStone One Server 1.10.1 Build 20151016 x64 - ENG
    FarStone RestoreIT 10 Build 20151116 - ITA
    FarStone TotalRecovery Server 10.10 Build 20150814 - ENG
    FastPictureViewer Codec Pack v3.8.0.96 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    FastPictureViewer Professional v1.9.358 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    FastStone Capture 7.8 Final
    FastStone Capture v8.2 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    FastStone Image Viewer 6.2 Corporate - ITA
    FastStone Image Viewer Corporate v6.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    FGS Cashbook - ITA
    FileCenter Professional - ENG
    FileConvert Professional Plus - ENG
    FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced - ITA
    FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced v14.0.1.175 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced - Ita
    FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced - MULTI ITA
    FileMaker Server 13 Advanced v13.0.4.400 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    FileMaker Server 14 Advanced - MULTI ITA
    FileMaker Server 15 Advanced - Ita
    FileMaker Server 15 Advanced v15.0.3.308 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    FileMenu Tools 7.1.4 Full - ITA
    FileMenu Tools v7.2 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    FileRescue for NTFS & FAT v4.14 Build 22 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    FileZilla 3.25.1 - ITA
    Final Draft 10.0.2 Build 49 - ENG
    Final Draft v10.0.1 Build 44 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Firebird PHP Generator Professional v16.9.0.1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Firetrust MailWasher Pro 7.8.10 - ITA
    Firetrust MailWasher Pro v7.9.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    FlashBoot v2.3g [EB/KF] [ENG]
    FlashFXP 5.4.0 Build 3960 - ITA
    FlashFXP v5.4.0 Build 3966 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Flip PDF Corporate Edition - ITA
    Flip PDF Corporate Edition v2.4.7.8 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Flip Shopping Catalog - ITA
    Flip Shopping Catalog v2.4.6.8 - Ita
    Flip Shopping Catalog v2.4.7.8 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    FlipBuilder Flip PDF Professional 2.4.7 - Ita
    FlipBuilder Flip PDF Professional v2.4.7.8 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    FlipBuilder Flip PDF v4.4.7.0 - Ita
    FlipBuilder Flip PDF v4.4.7.8 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    FlipCreator v4.9.8.6 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Folder Guard Professional - ENG
    Folder Guard Professional v10.3.0.2294 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Folder Lock 7.6.2 - ENG
    Folder Lock v7.6.8 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Folder Protect v2.0.3 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 3.6.0 - ENG
    FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery v3.1.0 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    FonePaw Mobile Transfer v1.8.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    FontCreator Professional Edition v10.1.0.2265 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ENG]
    FontExpert 2016 v14.0 Release 1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    FontLab Studio v5.2.2 Build 5714 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Form Pilot Office v2.49 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Format Converter v5.0.13.927 Professional & Ultimate [DS/EB] [ITA]
    Foxit PhantomPDF Business - ENG
    Foxit PhantomPDF Business v7.3.12.1130 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Foxit PhantomPDF Business v8.2.1.6871 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Foxit PhantomPDF Business v8.2.1.6871 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Foxit PhantomPDF Business v8.2.2192 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Foxit Reader - ITA
    Free Download Manager 5.1.26 build 5889 - ITA
    FreeFileSync 8.10 - ITA
    Freemake Video Downloader Premium - ITA
    Futuremark 3DMark Professional v2.2.3509 - Eng
    Futuremark 3DMark Professional v2.3.3663 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Futuremark PCMark 8 Professional Edition 2.7.613 - ENG

    G Top
    GameMaker Studio Collection v1.4.1757 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    GameMaker Studio Master Collection 1.4.1760 - ENG
    Garmin City Navigator Europe NT Unicode 2016.20 Multi - Ita
    Geekbench Pro v4.0.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Genie Backup Home v9.0 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Genie Timeline Pro 2017 v7.0.1.300 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    GenoPro 2016 v3.0.0.7 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    GeoGebra v5.0.330.0 - ITA
    GetData Recover My Files Professional v5.2.1.1964 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Gihosoft Android Data Recovery v7.0.5 - ENG
    Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery 3.0.7 - ENG
    GiliSoft File Lock Pro 10.5.0 - Ita
    GiliSoft File Lock Pro 10.6.0 - ITA
    Gilisoft Software Pack 14-01-2015 - ENG
    Gillmeister Rename Expert 5.12.6 - ENG
    Glary Disk Cleaner ITA
    Glary Utilities Pro v5.72.0.93 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    GlassWire Elite v1.2.96 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Gmail Notifier Pro 5.3.4 - Ita
    Gmail Notifier Pro v5.3.3 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Gnome Partition Editor (GPartEd) Live 0.26.1-5 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Gnome Partition Editor (GPartEd) Live 0.28.1-1 - MULTI ITA
    GoodSync Enterprise - ITA
    GoodSync Enterprise v10.4.0.5 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Google Books Download v4.15.1201 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Google Chrome 57.0.2987.98 (x32x64) - ITA
    Google Earth - ITA
    Google Earth Pro - ITA
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    Mozilla Firefox 52.0.1 - ITA
    Mozilla Firefox 52.0.2 - ITA
    Mozilla Firefox v52.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Mozilla Thunderbird 45.8 - ITA
    MSI Afterburner 4.2.0 - ITA
    Multi OEM Project (Windows Vista, 7, 8x, 10) Build 20.11.2014 [EB/TS] [ENG]
    Multi-Page TIFF Editor v2.9.7.751 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    MunSoft Data Recovery Suite 2.0 - ITA
    Music Label Professional 2017 v23.0.02 Build 3508 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Music MP3 Downloader - ENG
    Musitek SmartScore X2 Professional v10.5.8 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Muso 2.3.25 - Eng
    Muso v2.5.20.1 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    My Autoplay Professional 12.0 [UTILITY] [ENG]
    My Lockbox Pro - Ita
    My Lockbox Pro v3.8.1.599 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    MyLanViewer 4.19.8 Enterprise - ENG
    MyLanViewer v4.19.7 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro 8.1.2721 - ENG
    Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro v8.1.2722 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Mytuning Utilities - ITA
    Mytuning Utilities v17.0.4.57 [EB/KF] [ITA]

    N Top
    NaturalReader Professional 14.0.5785.17260 Retail - ENG
    NeoDownloader v3.0.2 Build 203 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Nero 2015 Platinum 16.0.05500 & Content Pack- ITA
    Nero 2016 Micro Lite.17.0.5000 - ITA
    Nero 2016 Platinum v17.0.02000 con Content Pack- ITA
    Nero BackItUp 2014 Free15.60.61.22 - ITA
    Nero Burning ROM & Express 2016 Lite v17.0.5000 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    Nero Burning ROM 2016 17.0.00200 - ITA
    Nero TuneItUp Pro v2.4.6.195 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Net Uptime Monitor v1.9.1 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    NetDrive v2.6.14 Build 945 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    NETGATE Registry Cleaner v17.0.340.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    NetGear Genie 2.4.38 - ITA
    NetLimiter Enterprise v4.0.25.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    NetLimiter v4.0.25.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Netsparker Professional Edition v4.8.0.13139 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Netsupport School v12.00.0020 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Network LookOut Net Monitor for Employees Professional v5.4.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Neuxpower NXPowerLite Desktop Edition 6.2.12 - ITA
    Neuxpower NXPowerLite Desktop Edition v7.1.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 - ENG
    Newsoftwares USB Block v1.6.3 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Nexus Root Toolkit 2.0.6 - ENG
    Nikon Camera Control Pro v2.24.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    NirSoft ProduKey 1.75 - ENG
    Nitro PDF Pro Enterprise v10.5.9.9 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Nitro Pro [ITA] [Multiost]
    Nitro Pro Enterprise (x64) - Ita
    Nitro Pro Enterprise (x86) - Ita
    Nitro Pro Enterprise v11.0.1.10 64 Bit - ENG
    Nitro Pro v11.0.3.173 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Norton Ghost 15 v15.0.1.36526 con Recovery Disk - ITA
    novaPDF Lite v8.8 Build 947 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Novastor NovaBackup Professional v14.5 build 18 - MULTI - ITA
    Nox App Player - ITA
    Nsasoft Product Key Explorer - ENG
    Nsauditor Network Security Auditor v3.0.17.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium v12.50.000.142 [DS/EB] [ITA]
    Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium v13.00.000.525 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Nuance Dragon Professional Individual HF3 - ENG
    Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v14.00.000.180 - ENG
    Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v14.00.000.368 Hot Fix 3 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v15.00.000.098 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Nuance Omnipage Professional 18.1.11378.1015 [ITA] [MultiHost]
    Nuance Omnipage Ultimate v19.1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Nuance PaperPort Professional v14.5.15451.1609 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise v8.2 [DS/EB] [ITA]
    Nuance PDF Converter Professional 8.1.12523.2141 (X64) [ITA] [MultiHost]
    Nuance PDF Converter Professional v8.10.6267 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Nuance Power PDF Advanced v1.2.15356.100 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Nuance Power PDF Advanced v2.00.6483 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Nuance Power PDF Standard v1.2 - ITA
    Nuclear Coffee My Music Collection v1.0.2.34 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Nuclear Coffee Recover Keys Enterprise / CMD / USB - ITA
    Nuclear Coffee Recover Passwords - ITA
    Nuclear Coffee Recover Passwords v1.0.0.33 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Nuclear Coffee VideoGet v7.0.3.91 [EB/SF] [ITA]
    NXPowerLite for File Servers 7.0.11 - ENG

    O Top
    O&O AutoBackup Professional v5.1.157 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    O&O AutoBackup Professional v6.0.80 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    O&O Defrag Professional 20.0 build 427 x86/x64 - ENG
    O&O Defrag Professional Edition 19.5.222 - ENG
    O&O Defrag Professional v20.0 Build 449 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ENG]
    O&O Defrag Professional v20.0 Build 465 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    O&O Defrag Workstation v18.0.39 [EB/TS] [ENG]
    O&O Disk Recovery Professional v12.0.63 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    O&O DiskImage Professional 10.0.90 x86x64 - ENG
    O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v10.5.149 BootCD [EB/DF] [ENG]
    O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v11.0.140 + BuildPE + BootCD [EB/KF] [ENG]
    O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v9.10 Build 102 [EB/TS] [ENG]
    O&O DiskImage Professional Edition v9.10.102 Bootable Iso - ENG
    O&O DiskImage Professional v8.5.18 x86x64 - ENG
    O&O DiskImage Server v8.0.78 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    O&O DiskRecovery 11.0.17 Tech Edition x86x64 - ENG
    O&O SafeErase Professional Edition 8.10.212 (x86/x64) - Eng
    O&O SafeErase Professional Edition 8.10.240 x86x64 - ENG
    O&O SafeErase Professional v11.0.133 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    O&O SSD Migration Kit v7.1 Build 36 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    Office Recovery Wizard v2.1.1.5 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Office Tab Enterprise - ITA
    Office Tab Enterprise Edition v12.00 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Office Tab v11.0.0.228 - ITA
    Okdo Document Converter Professional v5.6 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    OkMap v13.2.0 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional & Enterprise v11.5.0.2 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional / Enterprise (x86/x64) - Eng
    Opel TIS 2000 05.2011 116.0D - Eng
    Open Blu-ray Ripper 2.90 Build 515 - ENG
    Opus Pro v9.02 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    OrangeCD Suite v6.5.7.21902 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    ORPALIS PaperScan Professional Edition 3.0.35 - ENG
    ORPALIS PaperScan Professional Edition v3.0.33 - Eng
    ORPALIS PaperScan Professional Edition v3.0.40 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Orpalis PDF OCR Pro v1.1.6 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional 3.0.11 - ENG
    ORPALIS PDF Reducer Professional v3.0.15 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    OSFClone v1.1.1001 Boot CD & USB [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Outertech Cacheman - ITA
    Outertech Cacheman v10.10.0.6 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (9th Edition) with iWriter & iSpeaker [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Oxford Picture Dictionary [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Oxygen Forensic Suite 2014 v6.3.0.900 [DS/EB] [ITA]

    P Top
    Pamela for Skype Professional & Business Edition v4.9.0.80 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Pamela for Skype Professional / Business Edition - ITA
    Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home Compact Edition v10.1.25.348 - ENG
    Paragon Backup and Recovery 16 Home - ENG
    Paragon Disk Wiper 15 Professional v10.1.25.328 + Boot Medias [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional x64 WinPE BootCD - ENG
    Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional v10.1.25.779 + Boot Media [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Paragon ExtFS for Windows 2.1.440 - ENG
    Paragon ExtFS for Windows v4.0.64 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Backup & Recovery Compact x86x64 - ENG
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Backup & Recovery Compact v10.1.25.813 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Business x32x64 - ENG
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Business v10.1.25.813 Boot Medias [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium x86x64 - ENG
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium v10.1.25.772 Recovery CD [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional Advanced Recovery BootCD WinPE - ENG
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional Boot Media Win10 PE x64 - ENG
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional x86x64 - ENG
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite / Business WinPE BootCD x64 - ENG
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite v10.1.25.779 + Boot Medias [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite v10.1.25.813 + Boot CD [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Paragon HFS+ for Windows 10 v10.5.0.133 - ENG
    Paragon HFS+ for Windows v11.1.42 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 4.0 x86/x64 - ENG
    Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 5.0 v10.1.28.154 Bit Boot Iso [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Paragon Partition Manager 15 Home v10.1.25.779 Boot Media [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Paragon Partition Manager 15 Home v10.1.25.779 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Paragon Partition Manager 15 Professional v10.1.25.779 + Boot Medias [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Paragon Partition Manager Professional v10.1.25.377 + Boot Medias [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Paragon Virtual Go 2015 v10.1.25.763 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Paragon Virtualization Manager 14 Professional v10.1.21.165 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Partition Bad Disk 3.4 - ENG
    Partition Bad Disk v3.4 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Passcape Reset Windows Password v1.1.0.148 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Passcape Windows Password Recovery v10.1.0.918 Advanced Edition [EB/TS] [ENG]
    Passcape Wireless Password Recovery Professional Edition v3.5.2.347 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    PassMark BurnInTest Pro 8.1 Build 1019 - ENG
    PassMark BurnInTest Pro v8.1 Build 1021 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    PassMark MemTest86 Pro v7.3 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    PassMark OSForensics Professional 3.3 Build 1004 - ENG
    PassMark OSForensics Professional v3.3 Build 1003 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    PassMark PerformanceTest 8.0 Build 1054 - ENG
    Passmark PerformanceTest v8.0 Build 1051 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Passware Kit Forensic 2017.1.1 - ENG
    Passware Kit Forensic Cd Boot Password Reset v2017.1.1.14340 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Password Depot Professional - ENG
    Password Depot Professional 8.2.2 - ITA
    Password Recovery Bundle 2016 Enterprise Edition v4.2 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    PayPal Shop Maker v6.0 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    PC Cleaner Pro 2017 - ENG
    PC Diagnostic Suite 2016 v11 - MULTI ITA
    PC Diagnostic Suite 2016 v12 [EB/DF] [MULTI/ITA]
    PCmover Enterprise v10.1.648 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    PCmover Image & Drive Assistant v10.1.648 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    PCmover Professional v10.01.648 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant v10.1.648 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    PCStitch Pro 10.00.023 - ENG
    PCSuite Backup Easy 1.15 - ITA
    PCUnlocker WinPE v3.8.0 Enterprise Edition Boot ISO [EB/DF] [ENG]
    PDF Annotator - ENG
    PDF Annotator v6.1.0.611 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    PDF Conversa Professional Edition 2.000 Retail - ENG
    PDF Converter Elite - ENG
    PDF Converter Elite v5.0.5.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    PDF Decrypter Pro 4.2.0 - ENG
    PDF Decrypter Pro v4.0.2 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    PDF ePub DRM Removal v5.3.1027.222 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    PDF Eraser Pro - ENG
    PDF Eraser Pro v1.7.4.4 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    PDF OCR v4.3.3 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    PDF Recovery Toolbox v2.7.15.0 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    PDF Shaper 4.1 - ENG
    PDF Shaper Professional v6.1 - ENG
    PDF Shaper Professional v7.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    PDF To JPG Converter v2.7.1 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    PDF-XChange Editor Plus v6.0.321.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    PDF-XChange Viewer Pro 2.5.321.0 - ITA
    PDF-XChange Viewer Pro v2.5.319.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    pdfFactory Pro 5.38 Workstation / Server Edition - ITA
    pdfFactory Pro 6.05 - ITA
    pdfFactory Pro 6.11 - ITA
    pdfFactory Pro v6.10 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    PDFMate PDF Converter Professional v1.75 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    PDFZilla PDF Compressor Pro v4.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    PDFZilla v3.5.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Perfect Hotkey v2.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    PerfectDisk Professional Business 14.0 Build 880 - ENG
    PerkinElmer ChemBioOffice Ultra v14.0.0.117 [EB/TS] [ENG]
    Personal Backup - ITA
    Personal Backup - ITA
    Personal Finances Pro v5.9.0.5111 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Personal Finances Pro v5.9.0.5114 - ITA
    PGWare SuperRam v7.6.20.2016 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    PicPick Business v4.1.6 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    PicturesToExe Deluxe 9.0.6 - ITA
    PicturesToExe Deluxe v9.0.7 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    PilotEdit v10.1.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Pinnacle Game Profiler v9.0.0.333 Build 8.2.8 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    PirateBrowser v0.6b [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Piriform Recuva All Editions v1.53.1087 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Piriform Suite v1.0.6 & v1.0.5 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    PixelPlanet PdfEditor v3.0.0.50 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    PixelPlanet PdfGrabber v8.0.0.46 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Poedit Pro v1.8.11 - ITA
    Poedit Pro v1.8.8 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Pointstone System Cleaner - ENG
    Portable FolderClone PRO Edition 2.1.1 - ENG
    PortForward Network Utilities v3.0.20 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Postbox 5.0.5 - ITA
    Postbox v5.0.12 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox 16.10.24 - ITA
    PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox v16.10.12.1 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    PowerArchiver Toolbox 2016 v16.00.67 - ITA
    Print Conductor v5.4.1703.3170 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Print2CAD 2017 8th Generation v15.18.0.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    priPrinter Professional - ITA
    priPrinter Professional v6.3.0.2387 [EB/TS/CS] [ITA]
    Pro-face GP-Pro EX 4.03 - ENG
    Process Lasso Pro v8.9.8.102 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue 4.0.161011 + LiveUSB - ITA
    Proteus 8 Professional v8.5 SP1 Build 22252 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Proxy Labs ProxyCap v5.27 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Proxy Switcher PRO - ENG
    Proxy Switcher Pro v5.19.3.7400 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Puran Defrag Commercial License v7.7.1 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Puran Utilities Commercial License v3.1 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    PureVPN v5.15.1.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]

    Q Top
    QFX KeyScrambler Premium - ENG
    QILING Disk Master Technician v4.1 Build 20170302 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    QILING Disk Master Technician v4.1.6 Build 20170302 WinPE Boot ISO 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Qoppa PDF Studio Pro 11.0.5 - Ita
    Qoppa PDF Studio Pro OCR v11.0.6 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    QuarkXPress 2015 11.1 [ITA] [MultiHost]
    QuarkXPress 2015 v11.0.0.1 64 Bit [EB/LS] [ITA]
    QuarkXPress 2016 12.2.1 x64 - ITA
    QuarkXPress 2016 v12.2.1 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ITA]
    QuizXpress Studio - ITA
    QuoVadis v7.3.0.11 [EB/RF] [ITA]

    R Top
    R-Drive Image OEM Kit v6.0 build 6005 - Eng
    R-Drive Image Technician 6.1 Build 6102 BootCD - ENG
    R-Studio 8.1 Build 165145 Network Edition - ENG
    R-Studio Network Edition v8.0 Build 164541 - Eng
    R-Studio Network Edition v8.2 Build 165337 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    R-Tools R-Drive Image 6.1 Build 6101 - ENG
    R-Tools R-Drive Image Technician v6.1 Build 6104 Boot CD [EB/KF] [ENG]
    R-Tools R-Drive Image v6.1 Build 6104 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    R-Undelete 4.9 Build 160808 - ENG
    R-Undelete v5.1 Build 165337 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    R-Wipe & Clean 11.4.2127 Corporate - ENG
    R-Wipe & Clean 11.6 Build 2145 Corporate - ENG
    R-Wipe & Clean v11.7 Build 2173 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    RadarSync PC Updater - ITA
    RadarSync PC Updater v4.1.0.17132 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Rainlendar Pro 2.13.1 Build 147
    RAM Saver Professional v14.0 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    Rank Tracker Enterprise 8.7.6 - ENG
    Rank Tracker Professional 8.4.1 - ENG
    Rank Tracker Professional v8.10.3 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    RAR Password Unlocker v5.0.0.0 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Raxco InstantRecovery Server - ENG
    Raxco InstantRecovery Workstation / Server 2.1 build 307 - ENG
    Raxco InstantRescue v2.2.0.314 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Raxco PerfectDisk Professional Business & Server v14.0 Build 890 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Raxco PerfectDisk Server 14.0 Build 880 - ENG
    Raxco PerfectStorage Bundle 3.0 Build 491 - ENG
    Re-Loader Activator by [email protected] v2.6 Final con OEMLogo Pack - ITA
    Re-Loader Activator by [email protected] v3.0 Beta 3 + OEMLogo Pack [EB/RF/UP] [ITA]
    reaConverter Pro v7.304 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Readiris Corporate v15.1.0 Build 7127 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Readiris Pro / Corporate 16.0.0 Build 9472 - ITA
    Readiris Professional & Corporate v16.0.2 build 9592/9591 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    RealVNC Enterprise v6.0.2 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Reboot Restore Rx 2.1 Build 201608121232 - ENG
    Reboot Restore Rx Pro v10.6 Build 2702327820 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Recovery ToolBox for Outlook - ITA
    Recovery Toolbox for RAR v1.2.17.41 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    Reg Organizer v6.50 Final
    Registrar Registry Manager Pro 8.03 build 803.30201 - ENG
    Registrar Registry Manager Pro v8.02 Build 802.31011 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Registry First Aid Platinum v11.0.1 Build 2433 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Registry Healer 5.5.0 build 574 - Ita
    Registry Healer v5.4.1 Build 540 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Registry Life 3.37 - ITA
    Registry Winner v7.1.3.10 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Remix OS for Pc v3.0.207 - ITA
    Remix OS Player v1.0.102 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Remix OS Player v1.0.110 - ENG
    Remo Recover Windows v4.0.0.34 Pro Edition [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Remo Recover Windows v4.0.0.64 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Remote Utilities v6.5.0.5 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Remotix for Windows v4.0.1 64 Bit [EB/RF] [ITA]
    ReNamer Pro v6.7 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Renault Dialogys 4.38 - ITA
    Renault Dialogys v4.52 (07.2016) - ITA
    Replay Media Catcher - Eng
    Replay Media Catcher v6.0.1.54 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Reservation Master Pro 6.02 - ENG
    RESTScreen Expert v6.0.7.55 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    ReviverSoft Driver Reviver - ITA
    ReviverSoft Driver Reviver v5.17.0.22 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    ReviverSoft PC Reviver v2.16.1.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    ReviverSoft Registry Reviver v4.12.1.14 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Revo Uninstaller Pro v3.1.8 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Revo Uninstaller Pro v3.1.8 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Right Click Enhancer Professional v4.4.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    RMPrepUSB 2.1.735 - ITA
    RMPrepUSB v2.1.736 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Rohos Disk Encryption v2.3 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Rohos Logon Key v3.3 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Rollback Rx Professional 10.5 Build 2701680652 - ENG
    RollBack Rx Professional v10.5 Build 2702327820 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    RollBack Rx Server Edition 2.1 Build 2701680652 - ENG
    RollBack Rx Server Edition v2.1 Build 2702327820 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    RonyaSoft Poster Printer v3.2.14 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Rosetta Stone v5.0.37.43113 + Pack Languages & Audio Companion [EB/TS] [ITA]
    Roxio Creator NXT 4 SP3 + Content Pack - Ita
    RS Excel Recovery 2.4 - ITA
    RS FAT Recovery 2.6 - ITA
    RS File Recovery 3.9 - ITA
    RS NTFS Recovery 2.6 - ITA
    RS Office Recovery 2.4 - ITA
    RS Partition Recovery 2.6 - ITA
    RS Word Recovery 2.4 - ITA
    Runtime GetDataBack for FAT & NTFS v4.33 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Runtime GetDataBack Simple 3.00 - Eng
    Runtime GetDataBack Simple v3.13.000 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    RuntimePack 17.3.14 Full - ENG
    RuntimePack 17.3.14 Lite - ENG

    S Top
    Safe365 External Hard Drive Data Recovery Wizard - ENG
    Safe365 USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Wizard - ENG
    SafeErase Professional v8.10 Build 238 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.17022.20 - ITA
    Samsung SSD Magician Tool - ITA
    Sandboxie v5.12 - ITA
    Sandboxie v5.16 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SanDisk SSD Dashboard - ITA
    SARDU MultiBoot Creator 3.0 Pro Retail - ITA
    SARDU MultiBoot Creator Pro Basic v3.1.1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SARDU Multiboot Creator v3.1.1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Scanitto Pro v3.13 - ITA
    Scanitto Pro v3.15 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    ScanPapyrus 16.9 - ITA
    ScanPapyrus v16.11.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Schoolhouse Test Professional - ENG
    ScreenHunter Pro 7.0.941 - ENG
    Screenpresso Pro 1.6.6 - ITA
    Screenpresso Pro v1.6.7.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Screensaver Plus Aquarium v5.8 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Scrivener v1.9.6 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    SeaApple Aquarium Lab 2017.3.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Second Copy - ENG
    Secure Eraser Professional Edition v5.001 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    Security Reviver v2.1.1000.16262 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    SendBlaster Pro Edition v3.1.6 - ITA
    SendBlaster Pro Edition v4.1.3 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SeriousBit NetBalancer v9.4.1 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Serviio Pro v1.8.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    ShopFactory Professional v10.2.5 Build 15238 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    Silver Key Standard Edition v4.83 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Sim Aquarium v3.8 Build 63 Platinum [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Similarity v2.2.0 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Simple Home Budget 1.9.5 - ITA
    Simply Calenders v5.4.1451 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    SiSoftware Sandra All Editions 2016.03.22.20 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2016 22.10 - ITA
    SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.2105 / 16.1.2104 - Eng
    SkinPack GTA V [EB/LS] [ITA]
    SkyCrypt - ENG
    Skype - ITA
    Skype for Business Server 2015 64 Bit MSDN [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Slimjet - ITA
    Smart Driver Updater 4.0.5 Build - ITA
    Smart Driver Updater v4.0.5 Build Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Smart PC Locker Pro 2.6 - ITA
    SmartFTP Enterprise v8.0.2232 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    SmartPhone Recovery Pro for Android - ENG
    Smarty Uninstaller v4.6.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Snappy Driver Installer R533 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Snappy Driver Installer R539 - ITA
    Soda PDF 3D Reader - ITA
    Soda PDF Standard - ITA
    Soda PDF Standard v8.1.3.28371 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Soft-Evolution Pimero Pro 2013 R2 V8.2.5070 - ENG
    SoftCafe MenuPro v10.00.0004 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    SoftColor Automata Pro v1.9.92 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    SoftColor Automata Server 10.6 - Eng
    SoftMaker FlexiPDF 2017 Professional v1.04 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SoftMaker Office 2016 Professioanal rev 742.0829 - ITA
    SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 rev 765.0306 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SoftOrbits Privacy Protector for Windows 10 v1.6 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Softros LAN Messenger v7.3.4 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SoftTree SQL Assistant Enterprise Edition v9.1.261 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Solar System Earth 3D Screensaver 1.8.06 - ENG
    Solid Automator 9.2.7478.2128 - ITA
    Solid Automator v9.1.7212.1984 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Solid Commander v9.2.7478.2128 [EB/RK] [ITA]
    Solid Converter PDF v9.2.7478.2128 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Solid PDF to Word v9.2.7478.2128 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Solid PDF Tools 9.2.7478.2128 - ITA
    Solid PDF Tools v9.1.7212.1984 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Solid PDF/A Express v9.2.7478.2128 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Solid Scan to Word v9.2.7478.2128 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Sony Catalyst Browse Suite v2.1 64 Bit [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Sothink Logo Maker Professional 4.4 Build 4612 Multilingual
    Sothink SWF Easy 6.6.565 - ENG
    SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus 3.2.0 - ENG
    Speccy All Editions v1.30.730 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Speccy Business Edition v1.30.728 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SpinRite v6.0 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Spotmau Password Kit (ISO) - ENG
    Spotmau PowerSuite Golden WinPE BootCD - ENG
    SprintWork v1.8.3 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence with Service Pack 2 MSDN [DS/EB] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2 MSDN [DS/EB] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2 MSDN [DS/EB] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2014 Sp1 Business Intelligence MSDN [EB/LS] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2014 Sp1 Enterprise Edition MSDN [EB/LS] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2014 Sp1 Standard Edition MSDN [EB/LS] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2016 Sp1 Developer 64 Bit MSDN [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2016 Sp1 Enterprise 64 Bit MSDN [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2016 Sp1 Enterprise Core 64 Bit MSDN [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2016 Sp1 Express 64 Bit MSDN [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2016 Sp1 Express Advanced Edition 64 Bit MSDN [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2016 Sp1 Standard 64 Bit MSDN [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SQL Server 2016 Sp1 Web 64 Bit MSDN [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SQLite Expert Professional Edition v4.2.0.749 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    SSDlife Pro & Ultrabook v2.5.82 [EB/SF] [ENG]
    Stardock CursorFX Plus v2.16 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Stardock DeskScapes 8.00 - ENG
    Stardock DeskScapes v8.51 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Stardock Fences v3.0.3.745 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Stardock Multiplicity v2.02 Build 00031 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Stardock Multiplicity v3.0 build 00055 - ENG
    Stardock ObjectDock Plus v2.01.743 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Stardock ShadowFX v1.1.2 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Stardock Start10 1.53 - ITA
    Stardock Start10 v1.50 Preattivato [EB/RF] [ITA]
    Stardock Start8 v1.45 [EB/UL] [ITA]
    Stardock WindowBlinds v10.6 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Stardock WindowFX v6.02 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Start Menu 10 Pro v5.5 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Start Menu X Pro v6.02 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    StartIsBack+ v1.7.0 [TS] [ITA]
    StartIsBack++ v2.0.1 [KF] [ITA]
    Starus Excel Recovery 2.4 - ITA
    Starus FAT Recovery 2.6 - ITA
    Starus File Recovery 3.9 - ITA
    Starus NTFS Recovery 2.6 - ITA
    Starus Office Recovery 2.4 - ITA
    Starus Office Recovery v2.3 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Starus Partition Recovery 2.6 - ITA
    Starus Photo Recovery 4.5 - ITA
    Starus Word Recovery 2.4 - ITA
    Steganos Password Manager v18.0.2
    Stellar File Repair Toolkit v1.0 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair v5.5.0.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair v4.0 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum v2.0 [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v7.0.0.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair v5.5.0.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Stellar Phoenix Repair for PDF v2.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Stellar Phoenix Video Repair v2.0.0.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Technical Edition - Eng
    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional - ENG
    Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional v6.0.0.1 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Stellar Registry Manager v3.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Stellarium 0.15.2 - ITA
    StepShot v4.3.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Sticky Password Premium - Eng
    Sticky Password Premium v8.0.10.54 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    StorageCraft Recovery Environment 5.2.6 (WinPE 10) x64 - ENG
    Stradock WinndowBlinds 8.05 - ENG
    Suite Microsoft Office 2013 VL SP1 MSDN 9 in 1 x86x64 - ITA
    Super Hide IP v3.2.5.6 [RG/UL] [ENG]
    SUPERAntiSpyware Professional v6.0.1236 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Superman SkinPack for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
    SWE UltimateZip v9.0.1.51 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Swift To-Do List v10.014 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Symantec Encryption Desktop Professional 10.3.2 MP11 - Eng
    Symantec Norton Utilities v16.0.2.39 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 Recovery Disk - Ita
    Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 - ITA
    Syncdocs Corporate v6.933.32.309 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Synchredible Professional Edition v5.101 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SynciOS Data Transfer 1.2.4 - ENG
    Syncovery Pro Enterprise 7.83 Build 490 - ENG
    Synei System Utilities 4.0 - ITA
    Synei System Utilities v4.3 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    SynWrite 6.36.2680 - ITA
    Sysinternals Suite 27.08.2016 - ENG
    System Brand Changer 1.20 (+ Brands) - ENG
    System Ninja v3.1 - ITA
    SystemRescueCd v4.9.2 - Eng
    SystemRescueCd v4.9.4 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    SysTweak Advanced Driver Updater 2.7.1086.16493 - ITA
    SysTweak Advanced Driver Updater v2.7.1086.16665 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    SysTweak Regclean Pro v8.1.81.377 [EB/DF] [ITA]

    T Top
    Tag & Rename v3.9.13 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    TamoSoft CommView for WiFi 7.1.795 (x86/x64) Multi - Eng
    TamoSoft SmartWhois 5.1.283 - ENG
    TamoSoft SmartWhois v5.1.286 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Tanida Demo Builder - ENG
    TeamViewer All Editions v11.0.66695 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    TeamViewer All Editions v12.0.75813.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    TeamViewer Corporate 12.0.72365 - ITA
    TeamViewer Corporate v11.0.65452 Preattivato [EB/RF] [ITA]
    TeamViewer Premium 11.0.65452 - ITA
    TeamViewer Premium v12.0.72365 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    TeamViewer Server Enterprise v11.0.65452 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    TeamViewer Server Enterprise v12.0.72365 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    TecDoc CATALOG 01Q2016 - ITA
    TechSmith Snagit 13.1.1 Build 7662 - Eng
    TechSmith Snagit v13.1.0 Build 7494 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Telegram for Desktop v0.9.51 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Tell Me More English v10 (10 Livelli) [EB/TS] [ENG]
    Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro 5.6.0 - ENG
    Tenorshare iCareFone - ENG
    Tenorshare iCareFone - ENG
    Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro - ENG
    Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery - ENG
    Tenorshare Whatsapp Recovery - ENG
    Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Tenorshare Windows Care Genius Pro 3.96.357 - ITA
    Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard v6.2.0.2 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Teorex DupHunter v2.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Teorex FolderIco v5.1.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Terabyte BootIt Bare Metal v1.35a - ENG
    Terabyte BootIt Bare Metal v1.36a [EB/KF] [ENG]
    TeraByte Drive Image Backup & Restore Suite 3.05 - ITA
    TeraByte Drive Image Backup & Restore Suite 3.06a WinRE BootCD - ENG
    TeraByte Image For Windows 2.97c - ITA
    TeraByte Unlimited Image For Windows 2.98 - ITA
    TeraByte Unlimited Image For Windows v2.97d [EB/CS] [ITA]
    TeraCopy Pro 2.3 - ITA
    TeraCopy Pro 3.0 RC2 - ENG
    TeraCopy Pro v3.0.8 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    TextCrawler Pro 3.0.5 - ENG
    TextPad v8.1.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    The Bat! 7.4.14 Professional Edition - ITA
    The Bat! Professional v7.4.16 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    The Cleaner v9.0.0.1131 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    The Infinite Kind Moneydance 2017.2.1597 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Thomson Reuters EndNote X8.0.1 Build 10444 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    ThumbsPlus Pro v10 SP1 Build 4011 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    TimeToPhoto v2.9.5975 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Tipard iOS Data Recovery - ENG
    Tipard PDF Converter Platinum v3.2.6.22554 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    TogetherShare Data Recovery 6.0.0 Professional/Unlimited/AdvancedPE - Eng
    TogetherShare Data Recovery All Editions v6.1.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Tor Browser 6.5.1 - ITA
    Tor Browser v6.0.2 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Torch Browser - ITA
    Total Commander 9.00 - ITA
    Total Commander Ultima Prime v7.2 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Total Commander v9.0a [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Total Network Inventory 3.1.0 build 1684 Professional Multilingual
    Total Network Inventory Professional v3.1.2 Build 1740 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    Total Uninstall Professional x86 - ITA
    Total Uninstall Professional v6.17.1.352 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Total Uninstall Professional v6.18.0.400 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Total Uninstall Ultimate 6.14.0 - ITA
    TransMac v11.8 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    TrayStatus v3.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    TreeSize Professional v6.3.6.1211 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Trilead VM Explorer 6.0.007 Enterprise Edition - ENG
    Trillian Professional v6.0 Build 58 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    TubeDigger - Eng
    TweakBit Driver Updater v1.8.1.4 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    TweakBit FixMyPC v1.8.1.4 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    TweakBit PCBooster - ENG
    TweakBit PCRepairKit v1.8.1.4 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    TweakBit PCSpeedUp v1.8.1.4 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    TweakBit PCSuite - ENG
    TweakBit PCSuite Final - Eng
    TweakBit PCSuite v9.1.1.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    TweakNow PowerPack v4.3.0 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    TypingMaster Pro v10.1.1.849 [EB/CS] [ENG]

    U Top
    UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5.20.3 - ENG
    UFS Explorer Professional Recovery v5.21.0.4373 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Ulisess Seguridad v11.0.0 [EB/KF] [MULTI-ITA]
    Ultimate Boot CD v5.3.6 - ENG
    Ultimate Boot CD v5.3.7 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Ultra File Opener - ENG
    Ultracopier Ultimate v1.2.0.4 64 Bit [EB/CS] [ITA]
    UnHackMe v8.70 Build 570 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Uniblue DriverScanner 2015 v4.0.14.0 - ITA
    Uniblue DriverScanner 2017 v4.1.1.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Uniblue MaxiDisk 2016 - ITA
    Uniblue MaxiDisk 2016 v1.0.9.1 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Uniblue Powersuite 2015 - ITA
    Uniblue Powersuite 2016 v4.4.2.0 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2016 v6.0.15 - ITA
    Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2017 v6.1.0.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Uniblue SystemTweaker 2016 v2.0.12.1 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    Uninstall Tool 3.5.0 Build 5508 x32x64 - ITA
    Uninstall Tool v3.5.2 Build 5557 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Unity Pro 5.5.0f3 x64 - ENG
    Unity Professional v5.5.1p4 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Universal Adobe Patcher v1.5 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    Universal Document Converter v6.7.1611.5140 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    UnlockRoot Pro v4.1.2.0 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    UpdateStar Drivers v8.1.0 64 Bit [EB/DF] [ENG]
    UpdateStar Password Finder v8.0.0.31 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    UpdateStar Premium Edition v11.0.1297 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    UpdateStar Product Key Finder v9.0.3.168 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Uranium Backup All Editions v9.4.0.6522 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    USB Flash Drive Data Recovery
    USB Hidden Copier 2.1 x86x64 - ENG
    USB Safely Remove v5.5.1.1250 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    USB Secure v2.1.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    USB/DVD Download Tool, per creare una copia installante di Windows 7/8 su USB o DVD - ENG
    USBCrypt v16.10.1 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    USBTrace v3.0.1.82 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    User Control 2015 15.672 - ENG
    uTorrent Pro v3.4.9 Build 43295 - ITA
    uTorrent Pro v3.4.9 Build 43580 [EB/KF] [ITA]

    V Top
    vCard Wizard v4.10.0196 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Veeam Backup & Replication x64 - ENG
    Veeam Backup & Replication v9.0.0.1715 Update 2 64 Bit [EB/RF] [ENG]
    Veeam Backup and Replication v9.5 64 Bit - ENG
    VeryPDF PDF Editor v4.1 - ENG
    VHS to DVD Converter 7.85 - ITA
    Viber Desktop Free Calls & Messages - ITA
    ViceVersa Pro v2.5 Build 2518 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    VirtualBox 5.1.18 Build 114002 con Extension Pack - ITA
    Visible Body Anatomy & Physiology v1.5.04 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas v7.4.01 - ITA
    Visible Body My Incredible Body v3.1.12 - ENG
    Visual Web Ripper v3.0.16 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Vit Registry Fix Pro v12.7.0 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    VMware Horizon Suite v6.1 [EB/LS] [ENG]
    VMWare ThinApp Enterprise 5.2.2 Build 4435715 - ENG
    VMware Workstation 10.0.5 Build 2443746 - ENG
    VMware Workstation 11.1.0 Build 2496824 Lite - ENG
    VMware Workstation Player 12.5.4 Build 5192485 64 Bit - ENG
    VMware Workstation Player Commercial v12.5.5 Build 5234757 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ENG]
    VMware Workstation Player v12.5.0 Build 4352439 64 Bit - ENG
    VMware Workstation Pro - ENG
    VMware Workstation Pro 12.1.1 Build 3770994 - Eng
    VMware Workstation Pro 12.1.1 Build 3770994 Lite
    VMware Workstation Pro Lite v12.5.5 Build 5234757 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ENG]
    VMware Workstation Pro v12.5.1 Build 4542065 64 Bit Preattivato [EB/KF] [ENG]
    VMware Workstation Pro v12.5.5-5234757 64 Bit [EB/KF] [ENG]
    VMware Workstation v11.1.2 Build 2780323 64 Bit Lite [EB/LS] [ENG]
    VMware Workstation v11.1.2 Build 2780323 64 Bit [EB/LS] [ENG]
    Volume Normalizer Master v1.1.3 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    VueMinder Ultimate 2016.09 - ITA
    VueMinder Ultimate v2017.01 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    VueScan Pro 9.5.59 x32x64 - ITA
    VueScan Pro 9.5.72 (x86/x64) - Ita
    VueScan Pro v9.5.60 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    VueScan Pro v9.5.71 [EB/KF] [ITA]

    W Top
    Waltr 2.0.17 - ENG
    Watermark Software v8.3 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Weather Watcher Live 7.2.80 - ENG
    Weather Watcher Live 7.2.85 - ENG
    Weather Watcher Live v7.2.84 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    WebAcappella Responsive Business 1.3.27 - ENG
    WebMinds FileCleaner Professional v4.7.0.352 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    WebTorrent Desktop 0.18.0 - ENG
    WhatsApp For Desktop v0.2.3699 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Who Is On My WiFi v2.2.0 [DS/EB] [ITA]
    WiiDownloader v5.5 database v192 - ITA
    WinAntiRansom Plus 2016.6.455 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    WinArchiver v4.1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    WinASO EasyTweak 3.3.0 - ENG
    WinASO Registry Optimizer v5.3.0.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    WinAutomation v6.0.3.4240 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    WinCatalog 2016 - ITA
    WinCatalog 2017 - ITA
    WinCatalog 2017 v17.0.3.20 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Windows 10 Firewall Control All Editions v8.1.0.16 - ENG
    Windows 10 Firewall Control Plus v8.1.0.15 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Windows 10 KMS Activator Ultimate 2015 1.4 - ENG
    Windows 10 Skin Pack v10.0 - MULTI ITA
    Windows 10 Transformation Pack 7.0 - ITA
    Windows 7 Manager 5.1.1 - ENG
    Windows Doctor - Eng
    Windows Doctor Pro v3.0.0.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Windows Hotfix Downloader v0.4 Final
    Windows License Key Dump 3.0 - ENG
    Windows Repair Pro v3.9.21 Preattivato - Eng
    Windows Repair Pro v3.9.26 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Windows Repair Professional All-In-One 3.9.21 - ENG
    Windows Tracking Disable Tool 2.2.1 - ENG
    Winlicense v2.4.5.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    WinNc v7.6.0.0 - ITA
    WinNc v7.7.1.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    WinPDFEditor v3.2.6.4 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    WinRAR 5.40 Final & Themes & Skin x64x86 - ENG
    WinRAR v5.40 AIO Edition Preattivato [EB/RF] [ITA]
    WinRAR v5.40 Preattivato & Non + Themes & Skin [EB/RF] [ITA]
    WinRepair Pro v3.6.18.275 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    WinSCP 5.9.4 - ITA
    Winstep Nexus Ultimate - ITA
    Winstep Nexus Ultimate v17.1.0.1064 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Winstep Xtreme - ITA
    Winstep Xtreme v17.1.0.1212 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    WinThruster v1.79.69.2469 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    WinToFlash Professional v1.6.0000 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    WinToHDD Enterprise 2.4 beta - ENG
    WinToHDD Enterprise v2.3 Release 1 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ENG]
    WinToHDD Enterprise v2.3 Release 2 [EB/KF] [ENG] All Editions v17.3 & 17.3.1 [EB/KF] [ITA] Premium v15.3.1 [EB/TS/CS] [ITA] Professional & Premium v16.9.1 [EB/KF] [ITA] Professional / Premium 16.4.1 - ITA
    WinToUSB Enterprise v3.3 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    WinToUSB Enterprise v3.4 Preattivato - ITA
    WinToUSB Enterprise v3.5 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    WinToUSB v2.6 - ITA
    WinUtilities Professional Edition 14.51 - ITA
    WinUtilities Professional Edition v13.19 Preattivato [EB/KF] [ITA]
    WinUtilities Professional Edition v14.50 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    WinZip Courier 7.0 - ITA
    Winzip Driver Update v1.0.648.16468 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    WinZip Pro 20.0 Build 11659 x86x64 - ENG
    WinZip Pro 20.0 Build 11659i (x86/x64) - Ita
    WinZip Pro v19.5 Build 11532 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    WinZip Pro v21.0.1228i [EB/KF] [ITA]
    WinZip Registry Optimizer v2.0.72.3001 [TS] [ITA]
    WinZip System Utilities Suite 2.7.1100.16470 - ITA
    WinZip System Utilities Suite - ITA
    WinZip System Utilities Suite v2.7.1100.16429 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    WirelessMon Professional v4.0 Build 1009 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Wise Care 365 Pro 4.56 Build 432 - ITA
    Wise Care 365 Pro v4.58 Build 436 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Wise Disk Cleaner 9.44.660 - ITA
    Wise Force Deleter 1.23.24 - ITA
    Wise Registry Cleaner Pro 9.42.613 - ITA
    Wolfram Mathematica v10.4.1 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Wolfram Mathematica v11.1.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    WonderFox Document Manager v1.2 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    Wondershare Data Recovery - Ita
    Wondershare Data Recovery v5.0.8.6 - ITA
    Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android - ITA
    Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android v6.1.0.28 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS v7.0.0.12 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Wondershare MirrorGo v1.5.0.63 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Wondershare MobileGo 8.2.1 - Ita
    Wondershare MobileGo v8.0.0.5 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    Wondershare MobileGo v8.2.0.88 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Wondershare MobileGo v8.2.3.96 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Wondershare MobileTrans - ITA
    Wondershare MobileTrans v7.7.0.489 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    Wondershare PDF Converter Pro v4.1.0.3 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Wondershare PDF Password Remover v1.5.3.3 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Wondershare PDFelement - ITA
    Wondershare PDFelement v5.12.1.1603 + OCR Plugin v5.11.0.1051 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Wondershare Photo Recovery v3.1.0.6 [DS/EB] [ENG]
    Wondershare SafeEraser v4.9.2.0 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Wondershare TidyMyMusic v1.5.0.1 [EB/CS] [ENG]
    Wondershare TunesGo - ITA
    Wondershare TunesGo for iOS & Android v9.3.0.15 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Wondershare TunesGo Retro v4.9.0.6 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Wondershare TunesGo v6.1.0.8 [EB/LS] [ITA]
    WordWeb Pro Ultimate Reference Bundle v8.03a [EB/RF] [ENG]
    WowTron PDF Page Organizer v1.1.1 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    WYSIWYG Web Builder 11.6.4 - ENG
    WYSIWYG Web Builder 11.6.5 - ENG

    X Top
    X-Mouse Button Control 2.10 - ENG
    Xara Web Designer Premium v11.2.3.40788 [EB/CS] [ITA]
    Xilisoft iDevice Toolkit v7.7.3.20140401 [DS/EB] [ITA]
    Xilisoft iPad Magic Platinum 5.7.16 Build 201710 - ITA
    Xilisoft iPad Magic Platinum 5.7.17 Build 20170220 - ITA
    Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum 5.7.16 Build 20170210 - ITA
    Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum 5.7.17 Build 20170220 - ITA
    Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum v5.6.2.20140521 [DS/EB] [ITA]
    Xilisoft iphone/iPod/iPad Magic Platinum Multi - ITA
    Xilisoft iPod Magic Platinum v5.6.2.20140521 [DS/EB] [ITA]
    Xilisoft PDF to Word Converter 1.0.3 Build 20170210 - ITA
    Xinorbis 6.2.4 - ITA
    XL Delete v2.9.2.0 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 build 201512240104 - ITA
    XMind 7 v7.5 Pro 3.6.50 Build 201606271038 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    XnView v2.39 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    XnViewMP 0.83 - ITA
    XnViewMP v0.84 [EB/RF] [ITA]
    xplorer2 Pro & Ultimate v3.4.0.1 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    xplorer2 Professional (x86/x64) - Ita
    xplorer2 Ultimate (x86/x64) - Ita
    Xtreme Download Manager 6.0 - ENG
    Xvirus Personal Cleaner Pro 3.1.1 - ENG
    XYplorer 17.70.0100 - ITA
    XYplorer Pro v17.80.0000 [EB/KF] [ITA]

    Y Top
    Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager v2.0.6 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager v2.0.7 - ITA
    Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager v5.1.9.2 [EB/KF] [ENG]
    Yamicsoft Windows 8 Manager 2.2.7 - ENG
    Yellow Pages Spider 3.47 - Ita
    Yellow Pages Spider v3.51 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    Yosemite Trasformation Pack 4.0 - ITA
    Your Uninstaller! Pro v7.5.2014.03 [EB/TS] [ITA]
    YouWave for Android Premium v5.7 [EB/DF] [ENG]
    YoWindow 4 Build 107 RC Unlimited Edition - ITA
    YoWindow Unlimited Edition v4 Build 108 [EB/KF] [ITA]

    Z Top
    ZebraDesigner Pro v2.5 Build 9384 [EB/DF] [ITA]
    Zentimo xStorage Manager v1.10.1.1259 [EB/KF] [ITA]

    [CDROM] Win Magazine n. 226 - Gennaio 2017 - ITA
    [CDROM] Win Magazine n. 229 - Marzo 2017 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    [CDROM] Win Magazine n. 230 - Aprile 2017 [EB/KF] [ITA]
    [DVDROM] Win Magazine n. 228 - Febbraio 2017 - ITA
    [DVDROM] Win Magazine n. 229 - Marzo 2017 - ITA

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